Under 6's - Under 9's

What Is Minis Rugby?

Minis rugby covers the U6-U9 age groups, and is an excellent way to introduce your child to the game of rugby. Children as young as four, both girls and boys, thoroughly enjoy participating in the tackle-free games that are played by the U6 teams. We are proud of our commitment to maintaining a family friendly and fun experience for all participants, to ensure that you enjoy your rugby experience with us.

Games are played to a carefully modified version of rugby, designed by the Australian Rugby Union and continuing through junior level, to slowly introduce different elements of the game as children grow. This allows them to develop their skills and confidence at a rate that suits them.

We place emphasis on free flowing team play; developing children’s skills in running, balance, ball handling and, as they progress, safe contact.

Our Minis teams participate in a localised ‘competition’ coordinated by Warringah & Manly Junior Rugby Unions. This runs from March to August each year, with games scheduled within the local catchment area on Saturday mornings.

Under 6 and 7 Age Groups

The U6 and U7 teams compete in tackle-free, “tag” based games that focus on ball handling and running skills in a fun environment.

Games are played on a quarter size pitch over 10-15 minute halves, with each team fielding 7 players. Team squad sizes usually allow for a few substitutions, with players regularly cycled to allow them to rest and to ensure that all players participate equally.

Coaches are able to accompany their team onto the pitch, providing supervision and instruction to make sure that every child is involved.

Under 8 and 9 Age Groups

U8 players begin to experience a more physical and technical approach to the game through the introduction of tackling, rucks, mauls, scrums and lineouts. These features of the game are further developed in the U9s, beginning to establish attack and defence principles in preparation for progression to Juniors at U10. At this point teams are playing 10-a-side games of 20 minute halves on a half-size pitch and, by season-end, are playing without the support of an on-pitch coach.

As the physicality of the game increases, so does our emphasis on safety. All of our coaches are “Smart Rugby” accredited and teach children how to safely engage in contact. Mouth guards are mandatory, and we prefer our players to wear head-gear.

You can find full details of the game modifications that apply to all age groups on the Australian Rugby Union web site.

If you’re considering registering your child to play rugby with us, please contact us here so that we can answer any questions you might have.